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We believe that Cloud is the future. Whether that be a fully hosted Cloud solution or a Hybrid solution – we have the knowledge and experience to build the right Cloud Solution for your business.

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Cloud Services is at the Core of What We Do

Our partnership with the best Cloud vendors means you will have a cost effective Cloud Solution.

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Cloud Services – Why Us

If you find Cloud confusing – you are not alone!

We have helped many of our clients transition from on-premise solutions to Full Cloud or Hybrid Solutions by providing no nonsense advice and cost effective options. No one solution fits all when it comes to Cloud.

We have Microsoft Certified Engineers who are specialists in Microsoft Azure to ensure we provide expert advice and technical support. We use Cloud systems all day every day so our advice comes from practical experience not just theory.

At the heart of your Cloud solution is your internet. As a Virtual ISP we have partnered with all the major ISPs in Australia to offer a full end to end service.

We can provide ADSL, Ethernet, NBN and Fibre 400Mb and 1000Mb Internet services. For our clients that use our Managed Services we are the true one stop shop. No more being caught in the middle between your ISP and your IT company. We ARE your IT guys and your Internet Provider! Simplicity means clarity and a quicker resolution to any issues. We ensure you get the right service for what you need – no guess work.

We have been providing Cloud Backup services to our clients for many years. We provide options and solutions that are cost effective. Our Cloud Backup services provide real peace of mind that your onsite backups are taken offsite every day. Our team monitors the Cloud Backups and proactively ensures your offsite backups are up to date. We currently backup nearly 30Tb of data daily and we have been entrusted by many of Australia’s well known businesses to secure their data.

In addition to our Cloud Backup Services we offer full Disaster Recovery services. If you need to satisfy FSRA Compliance, then talk to us about your options for offsite DR Services. We have been providing DR Services to many Steadfast Brokers since the mid 2000’s and our cost effective DR Service ensures you meet your compliance regulations without imposing a large burden on your budget.

Talk to us about designing a DR Strategy for you business.

Why purchase a costly phone system to host in your office when you can use a Cloud based phone system for a fraction of the cost?

VOIP phone systems are cost effective and reliable with minimum effort to setup and little ongoing overheads. Of course ensuring you have a Business Grade Internet link is essential to your Cloud Based phone system and we can help there too!

We have partnered with the best VOIP phone providers to truly give you a complete end to end solution.

VOIP phone systems provide everything you have come to expect from your on premise phone system but only cheaper and more reliable.

We have partnered with organiseit to move their clients to the cloud using Microsoft Azure. No more onsite SQL Server costs or licensing. Simple and cost effective.

We have worked with organiseit for over 10 years and understand their unique requirements. We manage the entire transition from your on premise SQL server to an Azure SQL Server including the VPN between your office and Azure to ensure the security of your data. All data is stored in Microsoft’s Australian data centres featuring World Class security. We provide ongoing Support and maintenance for your Azure server as well as manage the backups.

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