We have provided IT support to many insurance brokers and underwriters over the past 20+ years and have a deep knowledge of their internal systems and processes. Let us help you get more from your current insurance platform.

About InsureCRM

Get More from Your Insurance Platform

We have developed InsureCRM based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can be integrated with any insurance system and provide you with a full CRM platform. You can use InsureCRM to:

How We Can Help

Drive Revenue Growth - Business Process Automation

InsureCRM will provide you with:

  • Sales optimisation, gather insights for sales opportunities
  • Develop dynamic marketing lists to easily identify clients missing certain types of insurance policies
  • Reduce effort required for manual processes (e.g. renewals, claims).
  • Reduce Risk & Compliance exposure by automating required governance

Core Features

Check the key features of InsureCRM