IT Logic see the need for a CRM in the Insurance industry. We have provided IT support to many insurance brokers and underwriters over the past 20+ years and have a deep knowledge of their internal systems.

About InsureCRM

Get More from Your Insurance Platform

In discussions with various clients, we have identified a need for full CRM capabilities to work alongside their broking/underwriting system. 

We have developed InsureCRM based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can be integrated with any insurance system and provide you with a full CRM platform. You can use InsureCRM to:

How We Can Help

Drive Revenue Growth - Business Process Automation

InsureCRM will provide you with:

  • Sales optimisation, gather insights for sales opportunities
  • Develop dynamic marketing lists to easily identify clients missing certain types of insurance policies
  • Reduce effort required for manual processes (e.g. renewals, claims).
  • Reduce Risk & Compliance exposure by automating required governance